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The Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers (SRPF) group will hold its first conference and annual meeting Feb. 26 at Amore Banquet Hall in Plymouth.

The event will showcase speakers on a variety of topics in modern sustainable agriculture. Experts from across the state and region will share information that can be applied to farms locally and beyond. More than 75 farmers, agribusiness professionals and community members are expected to attend this free educational event. The public is invited.

The conference will include a panel presentation about farmer's experiences with cover crops, reduced tillage and soil health with farmers from the local area.

Nick Miller from Miller Seed and Soil will give a presentation about transitioning to a regenerative farming system with cover crops and no-till farming by using basic agronomic practices while reducing input costs. Miller farms with his dad and brother in Waukesha County. Nine years ago, when Miller returned to the farm, he began using cover crops. Today, they use cover crops on most of their farm to improve soil health.

A presentation by Damon Reabe, president of Dairyland Aviation and Heidi Johnson, crops and soils educator with Dane County UW-Extension will broadly discuss aerial seeding of cover crops. Reabe and Johnson will specifically discuss best practices, considerations that contribute to success and the economics of aerial seeding versus other cover crop seeding methods.

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SRPF is conducting a survey of members and interested farmers in the area to better understand what conservation practices are being done on the land. This survey will also help SRPF get a better sense of what metrics can be put in place to best capture desired conservation outcomes.

The survey is open to all farmers in the Sheboygan River Basin. Members must provide their full contact information. In all cases, information is strictly confidential and any summaries will be provided in aggregate.

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To test and explore farming strategies that lead to improved soil health, greater farming efficiency, sustain profitability and lessen the impact on the environment. 

Members of the alliance will share information gained through field trials with fellow farmers, thus increasing the sustainability of farming across the basin.

Lastly, the group strives to foster an understanding of the role of agriculture in the community.


• Member farmers will identify the most vulnerable fields that have potential to be improved with on farm conservation methods.

Measure soil health of fields that will act as test/demo sites.

Commit to several years of action on individual fields to better show a shift in soil health and crop sustainability.

• Hold an annual field day at several sites to exhibit improvements and techniques.

Work with the non-farming community to reach water quality goals and enhance the sense of community between rural and urban residents in the basin.


Will be individuals who are actively engaged in agriculture that have the ability to test out new best management practices on a portion of their owned or rented land.

Members will be eligible for financial assistance through the group to implement new practices.

Tracking and sharing the results of those experiments with other members, either at the meetings or during field days is highly encouraged.