SRPF Membership Application

All Members must complete the Member Conservation Practice Survey each year.

The online survey can be found here or as a pdf here.

Annual Membership Application — New & Renewing Members

Annual Membership Application

The Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers (SRPF) explore farming strategies that lead to greater farming efficiency, sustain profitability and lessen the impact on the environment. Members of the alliance share information gained through field trials with fellow farmers in the hope of increasing the sustainability of farming across the basin. Lastly, the group strives to foster an understanding of the role of agriculture in the community.

Member benefits include networking with a robust and progressive agricultural community, eligibility for SRPF's cost-share programs and numerous learning opportunities, such as meetings and field days, offered throughout the year.

Membership dues help support SRPF programs and are $50 per farm per year if paid by April 1. If paid after April 1, dues are $100 per farm per year. Trade groups and agri-businesses have an opportunity to sponsor.

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See map of the Sheboygan River Basin with SRPF members pinpointed.
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Map of Sheboygan River Basin