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Mark Breunig

Article - A-OK Farms improves soil health through conservation practices

Joe Loehr

Article - Loehr Dairy trials multi-species planted in between corn rows

Nick Kleiber

Nick Klieber discusses the soil conservation practices he uses on his farm north of Plymouth, Wisconsin during the Soil Health Event on June 22, 2022

Press Release —
Congratulations to Our 2022 Scholarship Winner
Claire Mulder

Farm family carries on conservation legacy
Press Release - April 13, 2022

Press Release - Keeping soil where it belongs — under crops
Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers hold annual meeting - Feb, 2022

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Press Release - We must work together with the earth
Analysis shows Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers making a difference

Press Release - August 31, 2021 Field Day
Farmers explore forage 'cocktail mixes' for soil health and profitability

Congratulations to Our 2021 Scholarship Winners
Brianna Breunig, Ashton Haack, and Alisha Klemme

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Press Release - April 21, 2021 Field Day

spring field day
spring field day
spring field day

Thank you to everyone who attended our Field Day.
Special thanks to our speakers Dan Smith, UW-Madison Nutrient & Pest Management and
Tony Peirick, President Dodge County Farmers for Healthy Soil & Healthy Water farmer-led group and to
Joe Wagner for hosting the event.

Press Release - February, 2021
Farmers' efforts benefit Sheboygan River Basin water quality

Press Release - October 23, 2020 Field Day

video from field day at Second Chance Dairy

October 23, 2020 at Hodorff Second Look Holsteins

Field day at Eden, Wisconsin dairy farm. Clint Hodorff planted a multi-species cover crop mix following wheat harvest.
The soil infiltrated 4" of rain that we received over a 24-hour period prior to field day.
The mix included grasses, legumes, and brassicas and was seeded at 30lbs/acre.

WFRV - Travis Luedke

WFRV-TV interview with SRPF board member Travis Luedke


Press Release - August 28, 2020 Field Day

video from field day at Loehr Dairy

August 28, 2020 Field Day at Loehr Dairy

Annual conservation practices survey: A look at the numbers

By Steve Richter, agricultural strategies director, The Nature Conservancy

Members of Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers complete a survey each winter to gauge interest in soil health practices. It's an annual recap of the number of farmers using conservation practices on their fields and a tally of total acres of each practice. In this article, I'll share some highlights from 2019. In your next newsletter, I will talk more specifically about how the practices farmers are using are keeping soil and phosphorus from entering our waters.  

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Congratulations to Our 2020 Scholarship Winners
Dallas Kreisa, Morgan Phipps and Kalista Hodorff

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Farmer-led group demonstrates new approaches
to conservation during annual field day
See Full Article in Wisconsin State Farmer or PDF

  • Joe Wagner presentation
  • Travis Luedke commenting on cover crops
  • Modified corn planter
  • Jory Stapel commenting on corn planter
  • Joe Wagner answering questions
  • Corn Emergence

Photos from the 3rd Annual Field Day - June 2, 2020

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